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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
I'm afraid not. It Scales the length but not the width; this is just one of the things that hasn't been got to yet.

There are very sensible practical arguments for using the code pointers in the default theme, but I would suggest there are very few arguments for anyone else using them. Use a bitmap stack and never look back
Hey man. Encountered a bug - any font changes I make via the theme tweaker are instantly overridden. Changing the timeline font for example, I see it change for a split second when I press OK to close font window, but it reverts straight back.

Not sure if it's related, but there is also no font listed when I double click to open/change:

I notice in rtconfig it says the WALTER fonts are Calibri. I don't have that installed as I'm on OSX, that's a Windows creation if I recall correctly.

Edit: some fonts work (very few), and if they do, I still can't change the size or weight. Always big, always bold.

Any ideas?

Back to the theme - fixed a bug and tweaked the FX/sends slightly:

I'll make some MIDI changes while waiting to see what the problem is with the fonts.
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