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Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
Looking good

I'll have a quick butchers at those questions and answer one at a time, if I can.

First of all, a quick one about the pan knob label.

At the moment the default code reads:-

set mcp.width.label.color   val_color
So you could change out the "val_color" for something like [255 255 255] instead. Or if you want to experiment with shadings/transparency/background you could use all eight coordinates.

What I would do is "comment out" the original code, in case you want to go back to it, and put in a new line of your own.


Ah, I came across val_colour before and couldn't find where it was being instantiated.

I'll try with 255 255 255 XXX, which I think is the alpha transparency.

Thanks dude!
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