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I think I am done now.

At least with TCP, MCP, Master and Transport elements.

I am not sure I can be bothered following on to other elements like the MIDI Editor, Toolbar and what have you. So I am going to run with the images that came with V6 for that stuff. It has taken me many hours to get to this point, with much head scratching and loss of sleep.

I don't know how I would have managed without White Tie's help along the way.

Altogether there are 382 images, which includes two that I use for the Divider tracks.

Of those 382, when I check the modified date, I have modified 109 of them.

And of those 109, 77 were created from scratch using Affinity.

Here is a reduced size image of how the TCP is looking:-

Click on this link to view a full size version:-

And this is the MCP:-

And the full size version:-

I should really just get on with a project using this theme now to make sure I haven't forgotten something... A missing button here and there.

But I am thinking that I should have a bash at creating a HD version. This theme was developed on my desktop which is 1080P.

I am hoping that I can simply upscale the Affinity files and then export the PNGs from there. I am hoping that the 32 images that have not been created in Affinity are simple background files that I have tweaked to suit.

I have tried the 1080P version on my HiDPI laptop and it doesn't look too bad, so I am going to try a few images to begin with to see what difference it makes.

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with my faffing here


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