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Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post

Certainly the simpler stuff... I had to give up trying to follow WT's complex code in the R5 and R6 themes. And my graphics ain't a patch on yours. But I'm certainly enjoying it
I still need to wrap my head around it, as it stands I'm replacing graphics 1:1 and not touching rtconfig.

Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
I'm afraid not. It Scales the length but not the width; this is just one of the things that hasn't been got to yet.

There are very sensible practical arguments for using the code pointers in the default theme, but I would suggest there are very few arguments for anyone else using them. Use a bitmap stack and never look back
Ah OK, I'll put a feature request in as it's such a handy feature. I'll make do with a 1px line for now :)

Apologies for asking such a question, but I can't for the life of me find where/how to use an overlay image on the MCP background (top colour section). Am I missing something obvious? Been stumped for about 30 minutes!

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