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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
hi Geoff, I just had an idea and wanted to bring it up before I forget.

I have the ProX and it has the 2nd screen on the bottom. Currently it just shows a channel # that doesn't correspond to anything, but is there a way we can put the channels actual RMS level there?

Just a thought, no biggie either way at the moment
I'm pretty sure that to access the ProX bottom display will need a new, bespoke, piece of underlying code. At the moment we only have MCUDisplayUpper and MCUDisplayLower to access displays on an MCU type unit.

I'm not quite sure why Icon added that lower display to the unit, given that (please correct me if i'm wrong) it isn't supported by either the Mackie or HUI protocols, meaning it will have to be directly supported by DAW software in order to be useful.
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