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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
I think something like this in an .axt should work:

SomeButton TrackUniqueSelect
Hold+SomeButton InvokeDrilldownAction

If you just press, track is selected.
If you hold for a second the track is selected and the InvokeDrilldownAction happens
I went ahead and wrote something for this. I do appreciate you'll probably want to build it in to CSI, so there's no dependency on any scripts, but I have been meaning to get into ReaScript, and it was fun

First ever ReaScript, first time working with Lua, so comments and criticisms very welcome.

Geoff, I tried your double mapping and it didn't work. I managed to trial the script via CSI by temporarily overwriting the select action, but when adding the Hold+ action it does nothing doing a long press. In my case I have:

Select1 TrackUniqueSelect
Hold+Select1 Reaper _RSf8b8da7cf3cd4dee5aa27f72a0d279fcae18dc71
Edit: on the BCF, Pan (90 2A) isn't mapped, so I am using it with that for now and it's working for me (requires you to select the folder track first, so long press would be good to work out).

It's supposed to support nested drill down and step back, retaining state on step back, but I there are a couple of bugs to work out with it at this stage (v0.1)

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