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Default Room for improvement

Originally Posted by Anomaly View Post
The suggested "run on separate process" trick is not a solution for me, as it causes lot's of problems with some plugins. For example, BFD2 crashes a lot.
That’s probably just something that could be improved in the separate-process VST-host implementation. Multiprocess approach is good in general since it allows to use CPU cores more effectively and thus to improve overall performance. For example, Chrome and Firefox web-browsers have multiprocess architecture.

An option for being able to scale older VST-plugins’ GUI when using the built-in (native) VST host is to use the feature of Windows 10 Anniversary Update called “Mixed-Mode DPI Scaling”. This feature allows to use different DPI-awareness settings for different windows of the same application. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 7 (which I’m a user of, for example), but could be conditionally enabled when running Reaper under Windows 10 Anniversary Update and more recent versions of Windows.
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