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Originally Posted by Newbie View Post
Do I need ASIO drivers?
It depends on your needs and what you would like to do. Try Reaper with the normal computer audio outputs and see if that is all you need. If you just plan to use the keyboard, and you are not getting a bad delay between hitting the key on the keyboard and hearing it in Reaper that should work fine.

If you want to reduce the latency, when you are playing, an ASIO driver could reduce the latency on the audio output. ASIO for all is a free download and could help. If you plan to use a microphone I would suggest getting an interface that uses ASIO instead of the computer's mic input.
Originally Posted by Newbie View Post
Should I just pay some 16 year old Geek to interpret it all for me or will THE BOOK give me all the answers.
I do not own the book, but I have looked at it, and it looks very helpful. It does use an older version of Reaper but I am sure about 85% is still the same. If you want to you can use the version the book was written for easily. Most software does not allow access to older versions so easily.

Feel free to ask any specific questions you have in the future here on the forum.

Edit: I misread and see that you have an interface already. It almost surely uses ASIO. If it has midi inputs you can use them, or the USB for your keyboard.
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