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Excellent, Tyler!

I get so sick of people from New Jersey (with accent) and other USA areas claiming to be 'Italian'or 'German' or 'British'

After ten or twelve years living in the USA, it became a pet hate of mine.
At the time it seemed like NOBODY wanted to own up to being....AMERICAN!

My Mums side of the family brought me an Australian born and raised grandad married to an English girl when he settled in the UK after WW1.
He was the machine gunner in a motorcycle and sidecar and went all through Anzio and Gallipoli with the Anzacs.

Other side of the family is true blue blood English Upper Middle to Upper Class (including a life peer, Sir Rock Carling) through and through.

And both my wives have been complete mongrels. First one was the daughter of a Glaswegian and an English girl from East Anglia, Second came to me via an Irish dad from Sligo and a West Country Moonraker girl from Stroud in Gloucestershire.

And now we have a daughter born in Tennessee to complete the mix!

I love the concept of "pure bloodlines", me...

Did I mention wife 2 is the daughter of a Chief Tech in the RAF and her eldest brother was a Warrant Officer RAF?

Hm. This is looking a bit off topic, but we ARE in the lounge, arent we? Arent we?????
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