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We had provided 64-bit updates for T-RackS, AmpliTube, and ARC System 2 long before SampleTank 3 was released, and at no charge to current users (which makes sense because those were current products, not products currently running at a version level that was out before 64-bit DAW environments even existed). SampleTank 3 was a complete ground-up rewrite and a completely new version of SampleTank, and was the only product that we were not able to do this with and we explained this in great detail to many of our users on our forum, third party forums, social media, and via direct contact when we were asked (which is another option that is always available to customers when they have a question about products).

For this reason, we offered a very deep discount for those that wanted to upgrade from SampleTank 2.5 XL or Miroslav full during the preorder period (as well as deep discounts on crossgrades and full version), followed by months at Introductory special pricing, alerting our users and potential users via many different methods along the way so they were aware of the special deals they could get in order to continue to use the products they may have been using happily for years, products which were never sold as 64-bit and which had been functioning exactly as specified for years. I hope those that had Powered By SampleTank products in their 32-bit environments were getting out of them what they paid for them via using them over such a period of time.

When users expressed a desire for a version that was lighter and would allow them to import legacy sounds at a lower price point, we decided that the SE version could also be purchased and not just bundled with hardware as was intended.

Also, we have already updated the "badge" in the main graphic atop all SampleTank 3 pages to show "64-bit only" too, based on feedback:

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