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I don't know what's happened to all the threads but there was one in the last week or so about this.

You can make music like this. There's nothing better than NINJAM for what it's for.

Fundamentally, NINJAM works with two concepts: Beats per Interval (BPI) and Beats per Minute (BPM). Each client receives a feed from the other clients and starts playing it, aligned to the Interval. This is so that people from across the world, with sometimes huge network latency, can play together.

If you're playing on a LAN - or even on a good internet connection with stable, sub-50ms pings - you don't need NINJAM. One free alternative is llcon.
Originally Posted by Tony Williams
...Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world.

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