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Just finished the "real world recording' DVD from Jonny at TutorialsForReaper and thought I'd add a public thanks and endorsement.


I came across this from the range of you Tube Vids Jon continues to offer up, downloaded and found really useful and as you can see, keep on coming!

Meanwhile, the DVD is not a collection of these short examples but as the title suggests 'real world recording' taking a song from a scratch guitar and vocal all the way through the editing and mixing to mastering and burning the CD in reaper and using all reaper plugins and such.

Included are a bunch off tools and extensions, FX chains and the "Apollo" theme used or where and how to download them, what they do and introducing these features too and how they can be used...especially in editing timing and tuning.

There is a lot of material in this DVDrom in part because it gives a "real world" view of how these things are done, decisions are made and acted on and why. This means having to see the entire track editing, not just a simple 'slice here like this, move over and repeat' and moving are taken through every cut that is in the hundreds reinforcing what is really involved and really helping you get a feel for things as they really are....meticulous and repetitive in parts. One could 'fast forward if one chose to, but I wouldn't and I was not bored.


Obviously not everything is covered. Little if anything is done with MIDI that I use a lot and is of particular interest, but still all the editing and such is relevant when one considers that in the end, even midi, eventually becomes audio and needs to be treated as such. More on Midi will come I am sure and R4 will change a few things it seems so happy to wait on some of that.

One thing to consider with Midi is that in some ways it does cross over to the artist side of things than the production in many ways. Reaper does not come with a lot of VSTi's and each of us likely use midi in radially different ways.


In the meantime, it has encouraged me to look at things differently and the fastest way I can think of to get a real feel for the practicalities of doing things over just 'knowing the program'... again, thanks Jonny, keep them coming and I'd encourage people, especially newbies to reaper like me, to at least check out the shorter YT vids and consider if this tool for learning the essentials and 'real world processes' of production is for you.
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