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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Can you reword the question? Because at the moment I'm not following your point; You want a thin meter, in a thin meter style, but fatter. Um?
I do better than that. screenshot time!

This is nearly the way I want it to look:
set tcp.meter [290 4 12 64 1 0 1 1]

I just want it a little fatter. but when we go from 12px wide to 14px wide it does this:
set tcp.meter [290 4 14 64 1 0 1 1]

I don't want that extra business on there when I make them a little wider. no numbers or thicker borders. I want it to look just like the first screenshot, but a little wider. I want to fill up the entire darker green faux-container that it's in.

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