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Hi Adam,

Well as far as I've found there is no control over the strength of Peak/Waveform coloring, particularly when custom colored. I mentioned in the Pre-Release forum some time back ( that if any of the media waveform/peak tick options are selected (ticked) together with it's media background relative - Reaper still draws what default peak colors are set in the Theme editor and blends the Track/item/Take applied custom color together - which gives a somewhat poor waveform/peak coloring result (usually dull but may depend)...

So, even if for example you just select coloring for the Waveforms/Peaks - they seem to be nice and vivid but there's also afaik no control over the weight or strength of the coloring applied.

A related request was also put on the issue tracker by Reflected - but this was whilst it was still in Pre prior to the official 3.66 release:

Oh... you should know this thread (where the above links come from):

I guess everyone was quite busy with other pre-release matters at the time but - Schwa did an awesome fix on the waveform/peak highlight bug that was found - so it's a big improvement from how things were working before.

sorry for the length of this post...
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