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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
Btw, EvilDragon: There is an action to set track colors to default,
For some reason it is called: "Track: Remove track colors"
I indeed managed to tweak one of your scripts to set selected item and/or track to default. Boy, I feel like a real big bad hacker now
Thanks for the info! Now I can make context-sensitive color-defaulting button!

Originally Posted by Europanaut View Post
Every time I import a modified keymap file, It merges with the existing keymap, rather than replace it. This means that I get duplicates of actions. The new one containing a (2) at the end of the name.

Just go to your %username&/%appdata%/REAPER directory (Windows), and find a file named reaper-kb.ini.

Open it in Notepad, and delete the offending actions which have (2) in their name! (search for string (2) and off you go!)
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