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Tried your installation to the point with not too much luck. My toolbar shows them as text buttons, though your icons do show in the "select icon" window. Is this normal? Colors don't change on clicking any of the toolbar buttons. I can run your scripted actions from the action window alright, but like Kainer they seem to be heavily mixed up.

I added some of your scripted buttons by hand to another toolbar and this way they work (though still mixed up). Have I done something wrong when importing the menu file? (I opened toolbar 2 in the menu editor, hit import and directed to your *.ReaperMenu file)

I'll happily edit the scripts to reflect the extension action ID's on my system and build the toolbar myself, but thought I mention my problems anyway. Would be nice if Cockos could do something about the ID issue.

All that said, when it works (and I sure get it to ) this is a very cool thing. Thanks for this

YESSS got it working the manual way (including DIYing the toolbar). Very cool.

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