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Can Kainer's problems be related to this:
Originally Posted by Xenakios
...take into consideration the command numbers are dynamic. Changes in Reaper or the extensions may make your script behave wrong if you put in hardcoded numbers for the command. That's what I meant there's no predictable way for ReaScripts to call extension plugin provided actions.

Which version of Python do I need? Is there a thread about how to set things up for using ReaScripts?

I sort of hesitate. I have no idea about Python and Pearl, but as things are looking I believe users who want to benefit from the new coding flood will have to have both installed?

Wouldn't it be smarter if Python/Pearl based scripts could be compiled somehow as a last step, so the user wouldn't have to install additional stuff if he only wants to use, but not script? If that thought is idiotic, just tell me so I'm a complete know-nothing in that area. Just thinking it's a bit inconvenient now for the simple user.
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