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Originally Posted by carbon View Post
So when clicking on a track, the colors would apply to the selected track(s).

And when clicking on items or marquee-selecting them it would color the items.

Seems logical?
YES! I did it, with a little help from Xenakios (thanks Xen!)

Now you can have context sensitive color buttons! If you have only items selected, it will color them. If you have only tracks selected, it will color them. If you have both selected, it will color both!

PREREQUISITE #1: In Properties->Appearance->Media tab, DEACTIVATE "Tint media item peaks to custom track colors" and "Tint backgrounds to custom track colors"

PREREQUISITE #2: You have to have Python or Perl installed for ReaScripts to work. This example uses Python!

PREREQUISITE #3: You need to have SWS extensions as well.

STEP #1: place the following scripts to /%appdata%/REAPER/Scripts folder (on Windows!) - Attachment 6529

STEP #2: load these actions in Reaper - Attachment 6530

STEP #3: place the following icons to REAPER/Data/toolbar_icons folder - Attachment 6531 (newer version of icons: Attachment 6538)

STEP #4: load this custom toolbar to whichever toolbar you like - Attachment 6532



1. "Random 1" icon (1st row last icon) works well if you have only items selected or only tracks selected. If you have several tracks selected, and any items that reside on those tracks are selected (items inside track selection), it also works. BUT - if you have any item selected OUTSIDE of the track selection, the outside-of-selection item will not be colored. Consequently, if you have several items selected, and a track selected outside of that item selection, the non-selected tracks inside the items selection will not be colored, as well as inside selected items.

This is limitation of "Set selected item(s) color to respective track color" action.

If I didn't use that command, selected tracks and selected items would get colored to two different colors, which is not real intention of the "Set selected to one random color" command.

2. There is no "Set selected tracks to default color" command!!! This prevents me from doing a simple macro that would color all selected tracks/items back to default! JCS, please add this action!

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