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Default 6.01 - Envelope Control Panel - Value Text rendering

Reaper 6.01 Win10Prox64

On the right side of the Envelope Control Panel the value of current parameter is displayed, using WALTER font 1. This render space seems to be too static, as even slightly larger font choices seem to get the text rendering of the value cut off at the FRONT, but only if the panel can display just ONE row of controls. Once a second row can be displayed, it displays fine.

The panel width makes no difference. This happens with ReaEQ as well or any other parameter long enough.

All this is at the standard 100% Envelope Panel size. It displays fine at 150% and 200%.

In this case it is the font "DejaVuSans", Narrow, 9

To reproduce:
Set the Envelope Control Panel to 100% size in the theme adjuster. Put in an insert effect on a track, activate some envelopes and play with WALTER font 1 and the height of the envelope control panels.
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