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Originally Posted by tdc View Post
Having the ability to create some custom actions to change a channel select button on a surface into a Select and Set Automation Mode would be the icing on the cake.

Any thoughts on what options I might have? Thanks in advance. tdc
If you are a linux or macos user: Here a crazy advice, get additionally to what you will buy a Corsair rgb qwerty keyboard, as there are drivers*** to change those lights per command line and there are command line programs for sending* and receiving** any midi event. And Reaper can use python script actions to trigger any command line (or non-command line) program. In short by triggering some Reaper actions you can send any midi events with any rgb color on your qwerty surface as feedback. Check the supported devices list****.


tdc, there is also following unused, very new technique, midi mapping for masters:
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