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Originally Posted by tdc View Post
Hi Folks,

I have almost decided to move my facility away from Avid Pro Tools to Reaper and am now focusing on what control surfaces I should consider. For the past decade I have been on Euphonix/Avid surfaces, most recently the S3 and a Transport, but the limitations of the Avid ecosystem has made me look at Reaper.

The past few weeks I have researched and trialled a number of Reaper extensions to get my S3 to be a workable option, but it appears that a proper MCU/HUI device would be better suited that using the S3.

For the production work I do, 16 faders is a must, and a couple of banks of rotary encoders would allow me to use use Reaper to map common plugins. I have played with using a DJ Twister with the ReaLearn / LBX SmartKnobs and this is great.

Having the ability to create some custom actions to change a channel select button on a surface into a Select and Set Automation Mode would be the icing on the cake.

Any thoughts on what options I might have? Thanks in advance. tdc
Do you use the S3 with Reaper now, while you are deciding what to do ?

2 options for that:

1) -- if you are on Windows there ais also a FX map editor.

2) The current project -- CSI -- see link in my signature below -- features realtime map editing (like ReaLearn) on all platforms.

I use 2 Avid Artist Mixes and an Avid Artist Control in Mackie Control Protocol mode with CSI, not sure how Mackie Control Protocol is implemented on the S3.

As far as replacing the S3, because CSI allows you to mix and match MIDI and OSC, a lot of possibilities open up, you can do things like this:

The whole idea is to take the integration to the next level.

Kind of like a modern version of the old large format console days -- you ordered a suitably sized frame, and then modules -- today the modules are -- fader packs -- general control surfaces (e.g. MCU) -- OSC apps on devices -- etc.

Reaper is so open, this is all achievable, welcome to the Reaper world
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