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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
You're welcome! it was pretty easy to figure out once I saw you're screenshot.
The bug was also there in Windows, so I'm surprised no one reported it sooner.
Maybe I've just been lucky every time I clicked it, but yesterday I was doing a lot of testing for an envelope problem someone else was having and that was the first time I've seen it.

It doesn't do that in Windows, so I can't troubleshoot since I haven't set up a Reaper/Linux box yet.
Pretty sure all the vertical faders use the same image file, but notice the Threshold slider is not nearly as wacked out as the Wet/Dry sliders.
If it's not repeating in the other Reaper plugins, then I suspect it's a UI code bug for that specific plugin.

Did you test in other themes, like the Default, to see if the slider lane is wider than it should or needs to be?
It may be less noticeable in the default, so it might be easier to miss.
ReaComp looks like something might be up UI wise even with the stock theme. Here's a side by side of what ReaComp looks like compared to ReaDelay. Specifically note how wide the wet and dry faders are on ReaComp vs ReaDelay.

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