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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Possible targeting bug? V5.981 I just noticed this today, and previously was not seeing it. When I click Trim/Read with the pointer tip dead center, I end up toggling Stereo/Mono.

I do use a 3rd party theme, but in the past it has never done that. I do also notice that when I move the cursor away from that spot and back, it will half the time light up Trim/Read like I have targeted it successfully. I did also try this with the stock theme, but the layout of the buttons are in completely different locations with the LCS-mod_Short_v3.0_Dark theme that I use.

Anyway, I know how to deal with it now that I see what's going on, but like I mentioned, I've used the Trim/Read button with this theme in Linux before and not seen this ever, but it popped out at me a few times already today while I was performing some tests and I hadn't noticed that I was flipping the state of the Mono/Stereo button every time I was trying to click Trim/Read.
Hmm this on the master track I assume? tcp or mcp? link to the theme?
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