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Default OSC actions in linux Reaper

I don't know if this is universal, so i'll start here as if its a linux only bug.

I've managed to get OSC working in Reaper, controlled from a tablet running Touchosc. And i've managed to assign a couple of keystrokes enabling me to select next/previous tracks.

The problem is the actions jump a track. In the osc midi monitor, it shows why. When the keystroke actions is pressed, it sends a signal value of 1.000000.
When the key is released it sends another signal value of 0.000000.

This is interpreted by Reaper/osc/something as 2 keystrokes, not one, so i go from Track 1 to track 3 to track 5 and so on.

Is this a Reaper bug, or an osc issue?

And if someone is using touchosc with the reaper templates, with linux Reaper, are you having the same problem?

UbuntuStudio 18.04 Debian9 with kxrepos
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