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Originally Posted by alexandre View Post
I think the intended operation while moving the wheel fast (higher value) would be to move the transport in bigger steps accordingly.

I do have another issue with the level meter on my Qcon Pro G2: With level meter active in the config the meter LEDs are working but I have "||||||" written at the first row for each channel on the LCD strip. When moving the fader the attenuation value is shown and sometimes it goes back to "||||||" and sometimes the value stays in an unpredictable way.
When switching off metering, the value at the LCD is always shown as it should be, but the meter is not working.
I echo the above. It would be nice if these //// could be turned off without affecting the meters. However, it is a bit of a first world problem and not a show stopper.

I must congratulate you Klinke. Your driver has completely changed, for the better, my experience with my controller in Reaper. Thank you.
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