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Originally Posted by dragonslair View Post
Installed the new version 5.20
The Mute and Solo buttons are now working properly from the console, but when I click on the Mute or Solo button in Reaper, the corresponding light on the console does not come on, I'll have to look into that some more.

I am still trying to fine tune the transport controls, some work, some don't, but the main ones, Play, Stop and Record work, although the Play button does not stay lit on the console (might be a console setting).
The channel strips and transport controls are separate entities on this unit, the channel strips only work when you are in controller mode, but the transport controls work in any mode and each entity has it's own configuration menus.
I looked quickly into the specification of your console and you won't be able to make everything work with Generic Flexi. You would need to write a specific extension for it.

Originally Posted by dragonslair View Post
My console does not have a "pause" button, could we get a toggle for the Play button?
Press 1=Play, press 2=pause?
That's already the case?!

Originally Posted by dragonslair View Post
Oh,and 16 tracks would be really nice...Keep up the good work!
This will not happen since this would double all the configuration commands.
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