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DrivenByMoss 5.20 is online!
  • New: Added an action to open the DrivenByMoss extension window (search for "DrivenByMoss" in the action list).
  • New: The DrivenByMoss extension and configuration windows can now be closed with the Escape key.

Ableton Push / Push 2 11.04
  • New: Use Shift+Octave Up/Down in Drum Sequencer modes to move the pads by 4.
  • Fixed: Marker mode was broken.

Akai APC40 / APC40mkII 5.20
  • New: Changed Nudge- to Undo and Nudge+ to Redo.
  • New: Flipped functionality of "Detail View" (is now "Toggle plugin window") and Shift+"Details View" (is now "Step through the layout perspectives").
  • New: Drum sequencer: The highlighted grid in the drum machine now only show the 12 pads. The scene buttons 1/2 move the pad view by 4. The scene buttons 4/5 move the pad view by 12 (previously 16).
  • Fixed: "Step through the layout perspectives" did not work on some display profiles.

Generic Flexi 2.2
  • New: Added commands to control Browser filter columns 7 and 8.
  • New: Added Browser mode.
  • New: Added absolute mode for toggle buttons.
  • New: Added support for MMC.
  • New: Added "Transport: Rewind" and "Transport: Fast Forward"
  • New: Select buttons in Parametermode select parameter pages instead of devices.
  • Fixed: Removed duplicated function "Transport: Set Crossfader", use "Master: Crossfader" instead.
  • Fixed: Mode knobs did always use relative mode 1, even if 2 or 3 was selected.
  • Fixed: Values of Track-, Volume- and Parametermode were not reflected correctly back to the device.
  • Fixed: Prevent console warnings when values go out of bounds in relative modes.
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