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Hey Paul, welcome to the ProX club! (I just made that up haha)
I basically just used the MCU rst and axt files to start. I didn't have to modify anything to get basic functions. I am not in the studio today but I'll try to get those files later and post the contents.

Wait, do you have the Qcon Pro, or ProX? They are a little different, different firmware and perhaps different midi messages.

I can't recall how the faders are set exactly, sorry. It's been a while. Yes you can just use the MCU instead of the extender rst, I had the same issue at some point, I don't recall what it was. You can also copy/paste the channel section of the MCU rst/axt in place of what's in the EXT files....that may help.

Yes you can setup your buttons any way you like through the axt file. Just pick a button and change the action to what you want. That's advanced stuff though. There are some other functions, kind of like the hidden menu at In/out Burger! Like touchSelect, holdbutton, mapfocusedFx. those are buried in this thread somewheres...

haven't had that fader issue, but you may want to check in your preferences what your fader settings are. I think the Qcon maxes at +10, so you'd want to make sure it's set that way in Reaper also so that the onscreen mixer resolution is the same as the surface.

Sorry I can't help more, I need to update my files also but haven't had the time. When I have a chance I will post what I have so far for the ProX.

The BCR is going to be a whole other beast, you'll have to map every single knob and button directly and correctly for every parameter you want for every plugin. Fun stuff.
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