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Default ICON Qcon Pro plus extender

Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
As an example, I have on my page a Qcon, extender, a C4, and a Xtouch mini all in the profile, each with their own surface settings.
Hi Poetnprophet,

I also have a Qcon (Pro), like you, and I just laid my hands on an Qcon EX extender.

EDIT: after reading more of this thread I understand that you actually have a QCon Pro X, not the older QCon Pro that I have. I guess they will be largely compatible?

My plan is to use them both in CSI, and add a BCR2000 for controlling some of the most frequently used plugins (EQ, Compressor, etc) and/or sends on the currently selected track.

I'll focus on the Qcons first and worry about the BCR2000 later.

Did you have to do anything special to get the Qcon plus extender working, or did you just use the MCU configuration files? Would you mind sharing your .rst, .axt and .fxt files so that I have a starting point? What DAW mode did you select on your QCon?

And many thanks to all here (and Geoff in particular) for all the great work and all the information in this thread!


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