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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
That said, I'll probably post one more build with fixes for Master track disappear problem, and hopefully Win reset behaviour, but then must really move over to OSC focus for a while.
That would be great Geoff

One side effect of the Master fader problem is that it seems to make "synch pages" out of sync by one, so what is on fader 25 say on the Channel Page will be on fader 26 on the Sends Page (or vice versa)

Regarding the Win problem, what seems to happen is that when a change has been made to the prefs, the faders all move to the bottom (as happens on Mac) but then the settings don't reload and communication between the surfaces an Reaper is lost. Restarting Reaper (usually) reconnects things.

Could you restate the syntax for the hold function, I'm a bit vague about it and haven't managed to get it to work.
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