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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Hey Geoff, just to touch on the Klinke implementation a little more, as I think it is pretty useful way to setup.

Expanding on what Seby mentioned, the additional sends (if you have more than 8) can be viewed by banking "pages" (separate from CSI pages) via mute or solo buttons (I forget which). The mute/solo are not used as mute/solo in this mode, and if there are any additional "pages" then a corresponding light would indicate so. For example, if you have 10 sends on a track, 1-8 will show on tracks 1-8, and the Mute on track 1 would be lit indicating another page of sends, pressing it will display 9-10 on tracks 1 and 2. I forget how to go back to page 1, but you get the idea.

This methodology was used for plugin control also, where mute buttons would select a plugin and the solo buttons would select the pages of parameters for that plugin.

Yeah, this puts us back into that matrix navigation discussion we had a while back.

Have to ponder this for a bit...
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