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Cool, thanks, here something back, in case you did not use them yet:

Script: kawa_MIDI_DecreaseLength.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_IncreaseLength.lua

Script: kawa_MIDI_GrowUp.lua

Script: kawa_MIDI_DecreaseVelocity.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_IncreaseVelocity.lua

Script: kawa_MIDI_DecrementChannel.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_IncrementChannel.lua

Script: kawa_MIDI_DeleteBottomNote.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_DeleteTopNote.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_SelectMiddleNotes.lua

Script: kawa_MIDI_ExplodeSelectedNotesToNewMediItemByPitch Class.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_ExplodeSelectedNotesToNewTrackByPitchCla ss(IgnoreDefaultTrackSetting).lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_ExplodeSelectedNotesToNewTrackByPitchCla ss.lua

Script: kawa_MIDI_SplitNote2.lua
Script: kawa_MIDI_SplitNote3.lua
(I like using after these decreasing note length twice, see above first, welcome Tangerine Dream ratcheting)
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