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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Could anyone please check if the "Marker mode" is working for him with Klinke ?

From the manual:

Jump to previous/next marker isn't working for me somehow, but I'm not sure if it's because of my BCR mapping.

Solved. It was my mapping that was wrong.

Details (in case anyone cares...):

Originally I had my "Marker" button assigned to A# 5 (nr. 82) which according to this chart is "Marker" on the MCU.

When trying included Klinke action "Marker (key)" I noticed that jumping to previous/next marker worked correctly, so it probably had to be my mapping that was wrong.

Thankfully in the action list can be seen in "Command ID" which note number is triggered by an action (Just noticed this now. Nice one, Klinke ) so assigning my button to C 6 (nr. 84) did the trick. In the linked MCU chart that's labaled with "< Frame" which means "Nudge" I guess. No idea why assigning to "Marker" didn't work (maybe that chart is wrong ?) but doesn't matter.

Hi no fish,
I think the chart is wrong. I used some text from a file in the stock MCU surf in reaper. I'll look what file that is exactly.
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