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It also would be interesting to know what technology in detail Muse Inc used in their "Receptor" product. Same was professionally sold for many years and was said to have worked very well with most (close to all ? ) Windows VSTs. For some time even NI explicitly offered their products (including Kontakt) for use with Receptor. (I seem to remember that there was a kind of bundle or something.)

It is known that Muse used WineLib to create the "Windows Vst Bridge" for their Linux based Receptor product. In fact I suppose that they canceled Receptor due to (GPL) licensing problems regarding WineLib. (I once was told that they did not use a full blown Wine installation.)

BTW.: Muse thrive to license their software to 3rd parties (-> ), but I doubt that Cockos is willing to shell out money for something that they certainly are able to do themselves.


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