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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
While you could hope for this ti be true I (and many more discussing here) have doubts, and I heard that comments from the "common" plugin providers state no interest in Linux at all.

I am rather sure that this only will change when LINUX DAWs are widely used, and this will only happen when they are able to use the VSTs that already are frequently used by the potential users.

The main sources of linux musician userbase increase I see, are people hating on win 10 imposition and security issues, people shocked at new mac or upgrade pricing, kids that recently left mommies basement, and want their own computer, and then the pi people. Established pros and studios with cash will not rock their own boat, but still be open when common sense, or Vince, come knocking.

Havin linux Reaper, Bitwig, and Mixbus bodes well for the future.
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