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Originally Posted by dreamtuned View Post
It would be great if one could make the height of the tracks in the main window smaller. It seems that this is the minimum height I could get.
In the rtconfig.txt, in the theme folder, there is this line which accomplishes that:

tcp_heights 20 73 73 73	 ; supercollapsed, collapsed, small(norecarm), recarm size 4 24 49 73
I have set it to this, because Reaper doesn't want to "snap" to a fixed height, which annoyed me, when each track was a random height. So this was a kind of hack to prevent random collapsing...

The default config for Reaper 4 is this:

tcp_heights 4 24 49 73	 ; supercollapsed, collapsed, small(norecarm), recarm size
If you unpack/unzip the theme, it's located here: REAPER\ColorThemes\HybridLive
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