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Back again.

These are the hex values for the output of "X" to zero the faders:

Fader 1, B0 01 68, B0 21 69
Fader 2, B0 02 68, B0 22 69
Fader 3, B0 03 68, B0 23 69

This sets the faders correctly.

The equivalent output from Reaper, using the babyhui_csurf.dll is:

Fader 1, B0 01 5F, B0 21 7F
Fader 2, B0 02 5F, B0 22 7F
Fader 3, B0 03 5F, B0 23 7F

This actually set the faders to around -1.5dB on the control surface.

To get Reaper to set the faders on the Houston at 0dB:

Fader 1, B0 01 69, B0 21 39
Fader 2, B0 02 69, B0 22 39
Fader 3, B0 03 69, B0 23 39

So there does seem to be an offset.

Touching the Houston faders, being careful not to move them in the process, with Reapers faders set to 0dBcauses them to jump upward by a little (around 0.4dB) but this is not the same for all the faders. It might have more to do with internal calibration for the Houston.


P.S. Deric, MIDIOX is still working, sort of. I'll try re-installing it. It seems to be randomly either appending or overwriting the log. Sometimes it doesn't write one at all. Wierd!?


I find it quite amusing that as I work with the Houston "sort of" working with Reaper, the display on the Houston reads:

***********Connection Terminated***********
*******Steinberg Media Technologies********
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