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The hard part already seems to be there!

I find that the csurf_babyhui.cpp in Reaper already controls the first 7 faders on the Houston,. They do move the faders in Reaper, channels 1-7. Fader 8 isn't implemented and nor is the master fader,or for that matter anything else.

They don't quite line up quite correctly. Setting a fader on the Houston to 0dB sets the faders in Reaper to +1.75dB and it would appear that on touching a fader, there is some discrepency between the input and output values from Houston. The Reaper faders jump slightly. Equally, clicking on the Reaper fader causes the Houston's to move upward slightly, but hey, these are just offset issues aren't they?

I think the jumping fader issue was well discussed on the SX forums years ago. Some guy actually wrote an entire website dissing the Houstons inabilty to work properly, but now I;ve been fiddling with it, gleaning what I can from the csurf_mcu.cpp and playing MIDI files through the Houston to control it, I'm absolutely sure that it can be made to work. Oh how I wish I understood C++!
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