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Ok here is the info.

When the Houston boots up it doesn't seem to send anything useful.

If all the faders are down, it sends nothing. If they are anywhere else it sends either 2, 4, or 6 messages, but they are always different.

I'd love to include a bunch of examples except that MIDIOX has started writing empty log files for some reason.

Anyway, before it did, and having had "X" continually dissapear on me (nothing new there!)I've managed to log everything that "X" sends to Houston and everything that Houston sends.

This was all done using the MIDI input and MIDI output on the Houston, rather than the USB driver. I've found that driver to be buggy in the past. It often disconnects for no apparent reason.

Each text file contains an explanation of exactly what the actions were, to make things more visible.


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