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*I* thanks for the explanation, I agree the HOuston is a bit of a tank but it's served me well over the last 5 years,nothings broken in constant daily use,just missing a bit of paint here and there from wear and tear.

I still have cubase and nuendo 4 and the Houston implementation is Very Very good now,everything in the project maps.To be honest its still too fiddly to access all the deep level menus for VSTI's and plugins,and the mouse is quicker,but from a programming point of view its first class.I don't know if you can look inside Cubendo's code and get any info but if you know how I'll have a look for you.


Sure, you're more than welcome to come over or borrow the Houston,I'm about to start a new project and I've decided to return to Reaper for this one so the Houston will be redundant as of the end of next week for a while.

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