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Originally Posted by norbury brook View Post
...If I can help in any way then let me know.I have a Houston sat here,connected but unused ATM...
I was going to make a joke that it doesn't use ATM but I won't.

norbury brook, that's interesting - especially as we are 'local'.

I'd be happy to do this (Houston support) assuming someone else doesn't first (and if anyone's going to please say so in order that I don't waste my time) but I'd really only want to put the work in if I was going to get a 'good' result at the end of it.

emailing .dll files back and forth with explanations of what doesn't operate as intented will quickly become tiresome - I'd suggest that, as we are both London based, if an initial release doesn't work then I either borrow your Houston or come and sit with it for an afternoon/evening (you provide the tea/coffee/water though).
REAPER? Oh yes...
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