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Hi Norbury Brook,

Yep, there must be a great many of these devices out of use, but there, all over the world. I'm one of them of course. I think that on the surface (forgive the pun)they are one of the most solid controllers around. That's why I want to bring mine into use with Reaper if I can.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I'm really no developer by any reach of the imagination, but with the gracious help of such enthusiasts as Xenakios and Deric it is at least theoretically possible to implement anything as a controller in Reaper, now that Justin has made the inspired move to release the development SDK.

So much as I can't code, I can analyse. It's all worthwhile if it helps Reaper become popular amongst a wider audience.

To answer your question:
Hopefully it might be possible to do something like modifying and truncating the driver designed for the MCU and making Csurf.dll aware of it, so it might end up appearing in the control surface list, but the coders are the people to ask this question, rather than little ol' me.

The other, and far less effective way of doing it would be to do something like N42's extended functionality of the buttons on the Alphatrack. That works by tellng reaper to accept the button presses as keyboard presses, so that they can be implemented under keyboard shortcuts in Reaper.

I'm still trying to find a way of getting some useful output from the Jog/Shuttle wheel on the Houston. It appears to send repeated messages of a certain value depending how fast it is moved, but it is very difficult to move at a set speed. I'm thinking perhaps I can use a hand drill to rotate it at a constant rate!

Help and ideas always appreciated. There are so many potentially useful buttons on the Houston. In total, apart from the transport and the "obvious" assigments there are about 50 others available! It would be very useful to have a consensus on how they might be most logically implemented.

It would also be useful to maybe get a Houston to someone with the programming know-how.

I'm in Bristol UK. I'm not sure where Deric is...Deric?

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