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But for the moment:

Slow regular clockwise movement produces:

Slow: B0 13 7F
Slightly faster:B0 13 6C

Aargh the thing sticks!

At about 120 RPM (2 revs per sec) the value is B0 13 06. That's the highest value.
Anticlockwise, it seems to do something very similar, BO 13 7F again etc. I know that for the moment this doesn't make much sense. I take it you are expecting a nice straight forward orientation message at the beginning...
Oh, hang on,
Even though the notes seem to be the same, the MIDI Message trigger, at least for the lowest value, B0 13 7F changes
from cc#1: controller 19,127, clockwise
to CC#1: controller pp 19,127, anticlockwise.

Hope this helps.

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