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Originally Posted by hve View Post
Not sure if this is better, but this is what I suggested earlier ?

I did see this, here's what I thought:

I wouldn't prefer this, because if "colour note heads by pitch" becomes an option, this would overlap the coloured note head and reduce the functionality.

Also, in my view, a selection should draw the eye - overlaying the note heads this way actually makes them closer to the value of the background, reducing contrast and making them less visible, in terms of readability, compared to surrounding unselected notes.

But I do agree it would be neater than the current implementation. I'm just throwing out alternatives too!

Edit: On another note, if the option to colour note-heads by pitch were implemented, it might be good to have it separate from the coloured selection bars - this way, one could see the colours of note pitch on the note-heads AND, in tandem with the bars, velocity, channel, track colour simultaneously.

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