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Feature requests

1. Print/PDF support

2. Adjust stem direction per MIDI channel

3. Layout control to address overlapping
Related: additional space between notes for easier reading

4. Tie text to notes

5. Color note heads (similar to piano roll)

6. Key signatures at project level (similar to tempo)
resolved - can set key per measure

7. show a preview of the notes when entering it with mouse

8. Manually change the staff beaming, cross staff beaming.

9. Visual quantize
Available in actions (

10. View piano roll, event view, and notation concurrently.

11. Page View

12. Show/Hide selected notes on score (This is very useful for printing chords)

13. Option to change the font and font size of inserted text.

14. Option to show/hide, sequence bar numbers.

15. Find the chord from selected notes.

16. Additional note head shapes

17. Percussion clef note mapping

18. Augmentation dots should be drawn in spaces

19. Tablature style

20. Actions to change the note length, I can only see ones to change the grid length.
available in actions

21. Action to set a selected note to a specific length

22. Actions to insert notes of specific pitches.
available in actions

23. Separate actions to insert hairpins, dynamics, technique text
available pre8

24. MusicXML support

25. Allow text events and dynamics to be placed above or below staff (or in the middle in the case of the grand staff).
available pre8

26. All attached symbols (accent, staccato, etc.) should be placed in a space in the staff or above/below the staff. These marks should not clash with staff lines.

27. Increase the available attached symbols (bow direction comes to mind immediately, but there are several that can/should be available)... or better yet, allow users to create their own palette of articulations since music fonts tend to include a huge variety).

28. Allow multiple articulations to be added to a note (staccato and accent for example)

29. Cross staff beaming on grand staff

30. Allow for double sharp and double flat (maybe micro accidentals, too). Double accidentals are needed in certain keys where modulation and tonicization takes place.

31. Allow clef changes per midi item. For example, the track starts in bass clef for 2 or 3 bars, but then the range increase to where tenor, alto or soprano clef becomes more appropriate. This helps keeps notes on one staff instead of numerous ledger lines. This is somewhat common for instruments with wide ranges (like viola, cello, and some wind instruments).

32. 8ve and 8be signs with proper transposition

33. Customize barline style

34. Chord symbols that respond to transposition

35. Sloping beams

36. add visual (gray note or something similar) to guide user before committing to note

37. Dedicated note colors for notation viewer (separate color map from piano roll)

38. Ability to hide bars and noteheads

39. Support for transposing instruments
available pre8

40. Keys should default to correct enharmonic spellings.

41. User defined minimum rest to support visual quantization.

42. Move lyric and text lines above or below staff
available pre8

43. Various mouse over events

44. Toggle between straight, triplet, and dotted notes

45. Action to move to next/previous note/rest

46. Percussion notation (in conjunction with request 17)

47. Multi staff folder view

48. Single line percussion

49. Rhythm slashes

50. Additional articulations

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