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1. Reaper uses incorrect notation font in some cases

2. Scrubbing jumps to future measure

3. Move edit cursor left/right by grid action does not work as expected

4. If you set Grid to a triplet setting, and have Notes: Grid -then you will get triplets in notation. However pauses are not added automatically if you'd manually enter a note.

5. If you zoom and scroll a bit (or sometimes just add or move around notes) the play cursor is shying away from the mouse cursor when trying to grab it.

6.The changes from 1/8 to 1/16 and back are really buggy. No proper Staff beaming and it results in wrong musical measures. try it in 3/4. You enter a 1/8 Note, change to 1/16 and can enter the next note a 1/16 later while the 1/8 is still there.

7. When you change the visibility of tracks, the staff view changes only after mouse over.

8. Correct rhythmic limits/construction when editing note lengths

9. Alt-drag, ctrl-drag, shift-drag inserted text (f,pp..etc) crashes Reaper.
fixed 5.20pre2

10. Alt-drag, ctrl-drag, shift-drag lyrics crashes Reaper.
fixed 5.20pre2

11. Phrase line and texts over notes fall on each other.

12. Crescendo and diminuendo symbols cannot be stretched.

13. 32nd note flag visual error

14. green bar interfering with note visualization

15. Unexpected view quantize behavior

16. Rests not updating correctly

17. Measure numbers difficult to read

18. Incorrect spacing with multiple notes of varying length

19. Phrase deleted on undo

20. Inconsistent behavior when dragging notes backward

21. Move dynamics below staff
fixed pre8

22. Slurs clash with beaming and text

23. Slurs lost when closing/opening editor
fixed pre4

24. When colour notes by pitch is selected, the selection bars are not being coloured to reflect that. Instead they're uniformly green

25. Multiple note extend / grid bug

26. Note movement bug

27. Rests in voice 1 should be independent of voice 2 and vice versa.
fixed pre7

28. Tied notes vanish on zoom

29. Problematic system spacing with extreme ledger lines

30. Bottom staff not completely visible at some zoom levels

31. Whole measure and half note rest misplaced

32. Accidental and notehead spacing a little small per normal convention

33. Redundant beam

34. Key signature spacing issue

35. Unexpected note length change behavior

36. Getting a crash when I add a phrase to notes with octave change notation and when adding octave notation to slurred notes.

37. Move to edit cursor action doesn't work in notation view. Works as expected in piano roll.

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