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Originally Posted by Berto Infuso View Post
Awesome theme!!!

one thing.. I'm new to reaper so maybe i a doing something wrong but..

For Installation Save your courent theme and rconfig ,import rconfig from zip file for the toolbar and more

only files that are non-image are these 2: rtconfig.txt and rtconfigc.txt

I can install and see the theme by just draggin the I Logic Pre 1.ReaperThemeZip into Reaper.. but i can not see or config "the toolbar and more" big thanks for that hard work on that theme again mate. it's very slick.
You can drag and drop the theme just like you did. In this case you will keep your toolbars like you wanted to have (your workflow). New icons will be available but you will need to customize your toolbars manually.

Or you can import theme with complete config with toolbars set like on the screenshots. In this case you will need to do it with import/export function in Reaper preferences (before doing that you should save your complete config by exporting your current config)
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