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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Oh dear! Revisited the thread to see how chas was doing.
Now I am wondering AGAIN what I can sell to fund a TD12 or if I can swing it a TD20 brain.
And of course a "proper" HiHat!

E-Drumkits are worse than boats! (but mostly cheaper)
how incredibly funny that you posted this yesterday. I never check this forum.only the general forum.

nice to hear from you Ivan.
hope you are doing great.
I freakin love SD 2 and the expansion packs I got for it.
the Vexpression kits are awesome as well.
I have not been playing it for a couple weeks.
only so many hours in the day.
and I cannot get enough of singing accompanying myself on acoustic guitar.
but, check this out. BFD 3 is on sale . like huge sale man.
I'm getting it. its a no brainer.
and as for hi hat.....its the one bad thing.
it works very good with the TD 15 by itself (as in no SD 2).
with SD 2, it is so so at best.
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