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BFD Eco I could not get on with using it from my E-kit.

But there again you have heard what an expert drummer I am!

Once again - get as many of the free demos as you can (some are not free but very cheap and well worth trying to see how you get on with their method of doing things

The free version of EZDrummer is enough to give you a good idea of how easy the whole toontrack range is to set up with an e kit, for instance.
Free kontakt player WILL play same as the full one, just that the stuff you load drops out every now and then. Still enough to get feel for it.

I am pretty sure AD does a free or next best thing to it demo and BFD eco you can usually pick up for very very little.
Fr better to spend a little time and money now rather than a LOT of money and time on something that works out NOT to be the best option for you.
I did that, which is part of the reason I now have a zillion drum romplers.
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