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So, I think I may be ready to pay for some Reaper Tutorials, if I think they'll teach me what I've been struggling to learn. Specifically, I want to know how to do progressive trance builds & breakdowns -- the rising pitches, the varying speeds, the white noise sweeps, etc. Mostly I'd describe these as atonal or non-harmonic or non-melodic sort of effects, as opposed to the chords, arpeggios, lead melodies, melodic embellishments, that define the key, the harmonies, etc. I feel pretty good at making melodies & harmonies & bass lines and even drum lines. It's those other effects, whether it's white notice, or a rising buzz sound that seems to pass through 2-3 octaves, or maybe a pulsing sort of zup-zup-zup...well, the precise stuff is different depending on the song at issue. I have read people talk about white noise sweeps or pitch risers or whatever, but I don't seem to find any FX that do that, so it seems there is not a single plug in that does each of these things, but rather you have to start off with a particular sound effect and then use functions like automation or sends from one track to another or envelopes or whatever...these are things I don't really understand.

Sorry for the long intro. I guess my question is actually kind of simple: Are there any tutorials that would seem to take some one very ignorant in using any advanced Reaper / sound production functions, and will show how to use that stuff SPECIFICALLY to do trance or electronica type atonal effects? The free Reaper tutorials I've found on YouTube seem almost entirely on other topics like recording guitar, getting phatter bass line, making beats, etc., none (or not enough) are really on point with what I want to learn. And I'm now desperate enough to pay to learn.
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